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Dedicate a Tree
Dedicate a Tree
Dedicate a Tree
Dedicate a Tree
Dedicate a Tree
A touching gift
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A touching and environmentally-friendly gift. Choose where in the UK you would like a tree planted. View your tree dedication and its location on the Tree Appeal website.

Includes easy-to-follow instructions – simply register online or by post to ensure your tree is planted and to receive your supporter's certificate, signed by David Bellamy, patron of Tree Appeal!

A British broad-leaved tree will be planted by Tree Appeal in an area in need of forestation.

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What's Inside
    • Welcome Letter
    • Your Gift Explained
    • Gift registration form
    • Trees: Going Green booklet
    • Trees Facts & Figures leaflet
    • Tree Appeal leaflet
    • Green Trees souvenir poster
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A personalised Tree Dedication certificate will be dispatched to you within 28 days.

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What type of tree will be planted for me?
Tree Appeal plants only British broad-leaved trees such as oak, ash and beech. Trees are always planted in the most appropriate locations to ensure long-lasting survival.

Where will my tree be planted?
You can choose any one of 12 areas of the UK in which to have your tree planted. You need to make this choice when you register. The majority of trees are planted in low-profile areas to supplement hedgerows, woodlands, nature reserves and schools.

Can I visit my tree?
You can choose which area of the UK your tree is planted in but it is not possible to visit your tree. Specific locations within your chosen area can change at the last minute due to the conservation needs of the area.  In addition, young saplings are fragile and minimal impact on the area offers the tree its best chance of survival. Trampling feet can easily damage young trees!

When will my tree be planted?
Most of the trees are planted during the planting season which runs from November to March. The saplings must be dormant when they are planted to ensure they have the best chance. Occasionally, a few trees are planted in spring or summer, for example at an event or to mark a special occasion.

Where can I view my dedication?

Once registered, you will be able to view your tree dedication and more on the Tree Appeal website, provided you opt in when registering. Further details are provided in the gift tin.

How long does it take to receive my Tree Dedication certificate?
This will be dispatched within 28 days from the date of registration. Occasionally, factors outside of Gift Republic’s control, may affect delivery times.

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Disclaimer: This gift is produced in association with Tree Appeal. A British broad-leaved tree will be planted in the area of the UK as specified upon registration, however Tree Appeal reserves the right to plant the tree elsewhere should it be necessary to do so. Tree dedications and tree locations will be published on the Tree Appeal website unless you opt out upon registration, however it is not possible to visit your tree. This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.  
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